You Can Buy This Castle With The Same Average Price Of A Home In Toronto

By: Delia Wang

You Can Buy This Castle With The Same Average Price Of A Home In Toronto

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It's no secret that living in Toronto is far more expensive than living in most other cities, but even the greatest critics probably never expected you'd be able to buy a castle elsewhere for less than homeownership costs in Ontario's capital.

A recent listing on Zillow shows a literal castle for sale in the forestry of Rochester, Michigan listed for only $2,299,000 USD. This is less than the price of many semi-detached homes in Toronto.

At over 10,000 sq feet it's no small castle either, coming complete with suits of armors, red carpet stairways, and bed chambers that look like they belong in a fantasy novel rather than on a real estate listings website. 

From the outside, the home looks like it requires a password to enter with all who get it wrong falling into what we can only presume is an alligator-filled moat below.

Step inside and you'll be greeted by suits of armor that I can only hope aren't haunted, both tiled and hardwood floors, as well as a stunning chandelier that looks like it belongs in an abandoned opera house as the means of transportation for a swinging phantom.

With five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, there's plenty of choices on how to spend your time resting or relieving yourself. The most notable of which appears to be a four-poster bed that alone is probably larger than many Toronto apartments.

One of the bathrooms even has its own jacuzzi-style tub for those times when you need to relax your muscles after having to walk 10,000 steps between the kitchen and the bathroom.


The most notable part of it all may be the stares that descend into a basement that can only be described as dungeon-in-waiting. Stone walls, a full bar, and a booth with a table that is hopefully used solely as a table and not an experimental slab await anyone who descends downward.

In short, not only is this literal castle cheaper than many homes in Toronto, it's also far more interesting.