Possible TTC Downgrade Is Getting Some People Worried

By: Delia Wang

Possible TTC Downgrade Is Getting Some People Worried

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Possible TTC Downgrade Is Getting Some People Worried


Ask someone from Toronto what annoys them the most about that city and it won't be long until some version of commuting makes its way onto that list.

With the TTC recently announcing that some major service cuts would be coming, you can expect those complaints to get even louder afterword has gotten out that some bus routes may see wait times of as long as thirty minutes.

TTC riders, a public transit advocacy group that works to protect the interest of those who use Toronto's public transit has spoken out against the planned cuts and is working to get Mayor John Tory to take action.

"We think it's a failure of leadership that these cuts are on the table, the TTC has had months to plan for a staff shortage," said TTCriders Executive Director Shelagh Pizey-Allen.

"These cuts hurt transit users the most who have been relying on the TTC during the pandemic. The mayor needs to show leadership by preventing these cuts and securing emergency funding."


The reasoning behind the cuts is that the TTC's employee vaccine mandate kicks in Monday, and with a number of employees still not being vaccinated, service will have to be cut until those employees can return to work or new hires are made. 

However, despite the outrage, the TTC says they have planned ahead and ensured riders that the changes often won't be noticeable.

"These service changes are temporary," said Shabnum Durrani, Head of Corporate Communications at the TTC...

"As more of our employees get vaccinated and come back to work, we will be working to increase service. We all knew this might occur, we began contingency planning including hiring new operators, and reached out to recent retirees if they would be interested in returning."

Despite the TTC's efforts to minimize cuts to service, the plan is that there will still be a number of cuts going forward as of Monday.

In an attempt to raise awareness about the situation and push for change, TTC riders have organized a campaign set for Monday morning where they will be bringing a roving prop phone booth to various stations.

The phone booth will make appearances at Keele Station as well as Markham and Sheppard, two areas most affected by the cuts.

They plan to educate people on what the TTC is doing and encourage riders to use the phone booth to call Mayor Tory and demand action is taken to revert the cuts.