Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Your House

By: Delia Wang

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Your House

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If it’s your first time selling your home, it’s hard to know what the correct process is. There’s no one right way to get your home sold, but there are a few ways that are more problematic than others. Even experienced home-sellers can make mistakes that are avoidable. We’ll go through some common mistakes that people make when selling their home.

Hiding Information


Though it may not be pretty to share facts about your home that make it seem less than perfect, it needs to be done. Anything that affects property value legally needs to be shared—such as structural defects, mold or lead pipes. If you can fix these issues, then adds value for your buyer and shows that you’ve done your job as a homeowner. They’ll appreciate that you’ve addressed the problems and even if you haven’t, they’ll appreciate the honesty.

Skipping the Real Estate Agent


You can sell your home on your own, but there’s a lot of research and paperwork that you need to do that can be challenging and time-consuming if you’ve never done it. It’s also a lot of add onto your already full (and likely stressed out) plate. An agent knows the market and can help you set a good list price. They’ve also got negotiation experience and can be the middle-man who meets with potential buyers so you don’t need to.

Becoming Emotionally Involved


It’s the sale of your home, the place you’d come back to after work, and a place of many memories shared and created with your loved ones. It’s hard not to get emotional, especially as a buyer comes in and critiques everything you’ve done. However, it’s important to look at this as a business transaction and set aside the emotions you have tied up in your home. Improving and changing the appearance can help you be more detached because your home looks different and it can appeal to potential buyers.

Setting a Sky-High Price


Be realistic in what your home will go for. It’s likely that you’ll be selling for around the same value as the homes that have sold recently in your neighborhood. An agent can help you set the price, and if you set it slightly lower, you can always refuse offers that seem too low. Think about what you can reasonably expect and don’t get your hopes up thinking that you’ll get an extravagant offer that is high above asking price.

Not Having Many Photos

Buyers want to know what your home looks like before they visit. Take as many pictures as you can, showcasing the best features of your home. A professional photographer can truly make a difference. Photos of your home that are clear with lots of natural light can get the interest of potential buyers. Consider a virtual tour of your home with a video because that can also set your listing apart from the rest.

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