How to Get Your Home Sold Fast at a Great Price

By: Delia Wang

How to Get Your Home Sold Fast at a Great Price

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A home is a huge investment and if you’re selling now, you’re likely hoping to get a decent return on what you paid. Selling your home is a process worth doing right by researching, cleaning, and renovating since the profits that you make on selling your home are tax-free. You can get a fairly large return on the investments that you make in your home now, just before you sell. Below, we showcase some important suggestions so that your house sells at top dollar.

Be Choosy About Your Real Estate Agent


You want an agent that you trust to not just get your home sold, but to sell it at a premium. Check out their online presence, since that’s the most popular way that potential house hunters start their search.

View their listings through the eyes of a buyer and consider whether or not you would personally go visit these homes yourself. If their social media and house listings truly grab you and highlight important features that matter to you and other buyers, then they likely have the skills to get your home sold. An appealing listing is one that draws buyers in with beautiful pictures and description, and has them wanting to know more.

Don’t Sell During Off-Peak


The housing market fluctuates a lot and if you can afford to hold onto your home until it’s a prime sellers’ market, then you’ll make a lot more on the sale of your home. If you wait until the peak of the market to sell, you can bump your sticker price up by 5%. This is why it’s important to have a real estate agent who is an expert in their field; someone who has worked in the market long enough has their finger on the pulse and can tell you when the best time is to list your home.

Set an Ideal Price


You want to be able to sell your home at price that won’t scare off potential buyers but will also net you the most profit that you can get. If your price is too high, buyers may not even negotiate and may instead look for a home that is within their budget. And if your home sits on the market too long, people may begin to think something is off with it and lose interest, causing you to have to drop your price lower than what you may have initially priced and sold it at.

Stage to Get Impressions

There are a few big tasks that you can do to set a good impression and get potential buyers to fall in love with your home. One of the cheapest things you can do to improve the look for your home is do a deep clean. Go through with the eyes of a first-time visitor and clean everything. Corners, ceilings and under furniture rarely get a lot of love, so make sure to look around and go through areas that you typically miss.

The exterior of your home is vital in creating the right impression. No one wants to walk into a house that looks abandoned or neglected. Be sure to have hedges trimmed, grass cut and no debris or foliage lingering that makes your home seem unkempt. You may want to power wash the exterior of your home and repaint trims and doors. If it’ll make your home look clean and new, it’s a good idea.

Once buyers step into your home, you want the interior to stun them. Your real estate agent may offer staging for free, but if not, consider using a professional’s services to get your space into showroom state. Rent furniture and hang some classic or pop art on the walls to remove the idea of your home having previous owners. Fresh flowers are always a good touch and can make your home feel fresh and inviting.

Another great tip is to remove personal photos and potentially offensive décor. You want to give your potential buyer the space to imagine that this is already their home and that’s hard to envision with pictures of other people’s kids or décor they may find tasteless. Though you may love your great-grandfather’s WW1 rifle on the mantle, other people may balk at it.

Offer a Video Tour

Social media is a great tool to get people interested in your home. A video tour is a wonderful way to virtually invite someone into your home. It gives them a reason to come visit in person if they love what they see. Go through all of the rooms and make a point to show off your home’s best features, like a renovated kitchen or manicured garden. You can narrate as well, espousing neighborhood features like a park or café that you enjoy and share personal memories that show your home has been a happy and much-loved place.

Get a Clean Home Inspection


If you’re in an old home, or just want to have proof for your potential buyer that your home is in good shape, then it’s a good idea to get a professional home inspection. You can also fix any issues that come up, and provide evidence that the home your buyer is moving into has been taken care of. Old pipes, faulty wiring or weak insulation should be addressed so it doesn’t scare off your buyers.

When selling your home, one of the most vital parts of the process is allowing your agent and potential buyers to visit. Though it may be inconvenient to you, a buyer may need time and multiple visits to be certain this is the house for them. Denying them this opportunity may mean that they choose the next-available home instead. Be sure to cater to your buyers and be courteous so your home is their first choice.