384 Lake Drive South Keswick

By: Delia Wang

384 Lake Drive South Keswick

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This gorgeous lake house is perfectly situated next to Cook’s Bay, backing onto the waterfront. Though it’s only an hour north of Toronto, Keswick is a small community of less than 27,000; making it an ideal retreat from city living and a place where you can become friends with neighbours and know nearly everyone living in your area. Beaches abound in Keswick and there is a dock behind this darling property, so you can enjoy summer with your favourite boat.

The property has a separate garage in the front of the house, with a walkway to the front door for ease of access. Tall trees provide foliage and privacy in the warmer months so you can enjoy the natural greenery as well as the beauty of the bay. Though the home is close to the water, it’s also close to other amenities like shopping, a gym and schools.

This home has a porch in the front and the back, done well so it will last a long time with some maintenance. There is a little spot around the front for a garden and on the side is a tiny bridge that crosses a stream running through your property to the bay. The back porch also has an inset Jacuzzi so your outdoors can be enjoyed year-round with a beautiful view.

Inside, has a lot of natural light filling each room. There is a sitting room and dining room adjacent to the entrance as well as a space that faces the water out back with huge glass doors. In an open concept design, the kitchen is set further back into the house, but still within view to the backyard. It’s done in clean white paint with stainless steel appliances and a black centre island with a breakfast nook in front. The main floor also features two fireplaces that are charmingly situated to be a focal point in the rooms.

The master bedroom has a balcony that steps out onto the back and a sitting area where you can relax and soak in the view. The bathroom features His and Her sinks, a soaker tub and a shower. The walk-in closet has room for two full sets of wardrobes and accessories. On the upper level are a bathroom and three rooms that can be used for bedrooms, a study or office.

The basement contains a small kitchen, done in white with a black backsplash and white appliances. There is ample space for a recreational room. There space for two bedrooms, and both have long windows. It is an ideal living space since there is a walk-in closet and a full bathroom as well as a living space that is great to relaxing and dining.

Outside, there is a shed that sits at the edge of the property so you can store everything you need for the seasons when they’re not in use. At the waterfront, there is also a pad where you can set up some chairs and dip your toes in the water.

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